Our conveyor pulleys are manufactured as tensile and drive pulleys with welded or pens core with desired diameter and length of the requested pipe diameter and length, with or without rubber coating.

10-20mm thick, Shore65 hardness hot vulcanized rubber coating for better grip of the belt in the drive pulleys. 


In rubber belt conveyor systems, rollers are the most important element that helps the system to work correctly. To use the power taken from the engine in the system, the rollers must operate at minimum friction, pressure, axial movement, and leakage rate.

As the Rolmot Conveyor family, we produce rolls without sacrificing quality and produce products in world-class DIN 22112 norm.

Fast, complete, and timely delivery with its high production capacity, technological infrastructure, and the most advanced production technologies that will always carry its customers forward.

Usage areas :

• Concrete Batching Plants
• Asphalt Facilities
• Mines
• Crushing and Screening Plants

Their main purpose is the transportation of various materials and products.

They consist of a series of connected elements driven by rollers. They have found applications in almost all branches of industry.

Reducers are used to increase the torque produced by the motors.
With this power increase, high efficiencies are obtained in cases such as processing and transporting heavy objects.

Motors and reducers have become a necessity in many application areas today.

Sieves have a wide range of applications:

Sand screening, gravel screening and washing, cement plants, mills, asphalt plants, mines, quarries, fertilizer industries, food industry, chemical industry, and others.